Serhii Kalinets

Solutions Architect

Company: Parimatch Tech

Stream: С

Time: 14:00 - 14:45 (GMT +02:00)

Country: Ukraine

Language: English

Talk: Less code, more fun: doing microservices with .NET 6

About the Speaker

Uses .NET since the version 1.1 and year of 2001. After many years spent in different versions of Visual Studio and ReSharper now does all the development (including .NET) in console and vim on Mac.
Activates “grammar nazi” mode when spots that someone writes “.Net” instead of “.NET”. Believes in cloud ready services and automation.
Frequent speaker of various conferences, user groups and meetups.

Talk: Less code, more fun: doing microservices with .NET 6

For years (even decades) .NET has been associated with verbosity. You needed to create a pile of files with tens of LOCs just for a trivial “hello world” that would be a one-liner on Python. .NET developers got it as granted. However, with the rise of microservices the verbosity becomes more and more annoying. Microservices have much shorter development lifecycle than traditional monolithic applications and the need to repeat the same infrastructure code again and again is not funny at all.
New “minimal API” introduced with .NET 6 together with the top level statements (C# 9+) significantly reduced the amount of code needed to bake a microservice.
In this session we will discuss these improvements and see them in action.